1. Use of Cookies and Similar Technologies

SANEI LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) collects certain types of information by using cookies and similar technologies on the Company website (hereinafter referred to as “the Website”) to improve our services and to provide more appropriate services and advertisements to each of our customers by analyzing their usage. This page, How We Handle Cookies, etc., (hereinafter referred to as “this Page”) explains how the Company handles cookies and similar technologies. Please refer to the page titled Privacy Policy for the details on our policies with regard to the handling of personal information and the transfer of such information.

This Page is subject to change in whole or in part by the Company. When any change is made, the Company will announce the content thereof on the Website.

2. What are Cookies and Similar Technologies?

A cookie is the information that is exchanged between the Website and a browser when you visit the Website, which may identify your browser.

A beacon is the data for acquiring information that is embedded within the Website, by which we may learn whether there has been any access from a customer’s device to certain contents, how many times contents have been accessed, whether a customer has opened an email, or the like.

3. Purpose of Use of Cookies and Similar Technologies

  1. Learning status of use and considering service enhancement

    In order to upgrade the Website and to improve our services to be provided to you, the Company may collect, analyze, and use the information relating to your status of use of the Website through use of cookies and similar technologies via the Website. For such purposes, the Website uses the following tools:

    Google Analytics

    Tool provider: Google Inc.

    Google Analytics analyzes your website usage status (such as access status, traffic, and routing) using the cookies issued by the Company. The Company receives the result of the analysis from Google Inc. to learn your usage status. Please refer to the following websites for more detail:

    Information on Google Analytics is also available from the website below:


    Tool provider: Kairos Marketing Inc.

    The following site uses cookies to improve services. The Company provides services that utilize such a site.


    Tool provider: YouTube, LLC

  2. Improving convenience for our customers

    With an aim to improve your website experience, the Company uses cookies and similar technologies. With these functions, the information you chose once is recorded to avoid the repeated showing of selection screens, or data you have entered is recorded so that you will not need to make confirmation on the following pages nor repeatedly have to enter the same data. Some examples of such functions are social media plugins (such as the “Like” button on Facebook and “Tweet” button on Twitter) and social login services (such as a system that allows you to log in with your account of Google, Facebook, LINE, etc.).

4. How to Disable Cookies and Similar Technologies

The cookies stored in your device will be kept stored until you intentionally delete them or until the validity period set for each cookie expires. In most commonly used browsers, cookies settings are enabled by default. However, you may disable cookies by changing the settings on your browser. Once you disable cookies, you may not be able to use the whole or part of the functions of the Website, such as those explained in paragraph 3. (2) above, or some pages may not be displayed correctly.

5. For Inquiries

Please contact us at the following contact point for inquiries on how we handle cookies, etc.

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