SANEI Philosophy

Humans and water.
SANEI's products exist in their fundamental relationship.
Not a single day passes by for a human without coming in contact with water, as a human is born to the world.
Even if time progresses and human life changes, a human cannot separate from water.
Their relationship is unchangeable.
Since its inauguration in 1954, SANEI has contributed to people's livelihood through proposals on water circulation based
on the concept "Human beings need water as long as they exist".
From "Point" to "Line", then to "Plane".
SANEI will progress with the story of humans and water.

Start as “Point”

All for unchanging behavior of humans and water

From the time one gets up to the time one goes to bed…
Modern daily life activities, such as meal preparation and bathing, are impossible without water.
As we can use as much water as necessary anytime thanks to water faucets, we can live a normal life.
Literally, a water faucet plays a role as a “contact” with livelihood and works as a “keystone” for livelihood.
We support the stable supply of water by providing functions of this indispensable “point” to complete circulation.
This is SANEI’s mission and pride.
For example, we developed the first "shower-equipped mixing faucet" in Japan in 1967.
In this way, SANEI has been enriching contact between humans and water through the constant development of products one step ahead and robust manufacturing.
We would like to be the source of joy for all people requiring water.
This is our unchanging origin.

From “Point” to “Line”

Making life line a “water channel”

If a faucet to turn on/off water is a “point”, a “line” is a channel for water as a lifeline.
SANEI comprehensively produces the water supply and drainage environment in a building,
including a faucet as the last point of water provision.
Though many parts we produce are not seen from outside, they are used appropriately.
As part of a global "water channel", our parts support an irreplaceable flow in livelihood.
These products personify our philosophy “Human beings need water as long as they exist”.
Fusing it with advanced technologies such as electronics and network technology,
we are pursuing the whole concept of eco-friendly next-generation water circulation.
Not only in a city well equipped with water networks, but also in an isolated house on a cliff top,
we will evolve from the “point” to the “line” to realize an environment where water is available broadly
and make water an important resource sustainable in the future.

From “Line” to “Plane”

For new imagination of water and space

As different needs are developed, lifestyles are becoming more and more different.
However, when looking at Japan’s housing situation, water circulation is still in transition.
Future “houses” may be more different.
There should be as many ideal shapes as there are lives.
SANEI dreams of a new possibility of space inspired by water circulation in future generations.
For example, there may be a space like an oasis in a house.
A place to live has been cultivated around water, as was the case with the origin of civilization.
From “Line” to “Plane”, and from “Water channel” to “Space”…
Not sticking only with conventional water circulation, SANEI’s proposals spread to every space and to the world.