If a faucet to turn on/off water is a “point”, a “line” is a channel for water as a lifeline.
SANEI comprehensively produces the water supply and drainage environment in a building, including a faucet as the last point of water provision.
Though many parts we produce are not seen from outside, they are used appropriately.
As part of a global “water channel”, our parts support an irreplaceable flow in livelihood. These products personify our philosophy “Human beings need water as long as they exist”. Fusing it with advanced technologies such as electronics and network technology, we are pursuing the whole concept of eco-friendly next-generation water circulation. Not only in a city well equipped with water networks, but also in an isolated house on a cliff top, we will evolve from the ”point” to the “line” to realize an environment where water is available broadly and make water an important resource sustainable in the future.